2013 New Yamaha Vixion – More Advanced

All-New Yamaha V-Ixion will certainly get a new twist. Competition from Honda Motorcycle CB150R Steertfire is the best-selling sports bike in Indonesia is believed to have a more ferocious look. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) has ensured the new V-Ixion is expected to slide this year. Through the Executive Vice President of Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM), Dyonisius Beti, some time ago.

All New Design Vixion 2013 is arguably changed completely from a previous version of Vixion. But the all-new powertrain Vixion 2013 is also not much different from its predecessor. Of his own design to use rims width and breake discs on the rear wheels. This 2013 Yamaha vixion make many changes from the headlamps to the rear body, which was once Vixion use deltabox silver, now use black.

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2013 New Yamaha Vixion

From photo also increasingly emphasized that the legs more muscular. It is said that the front rim wear size 2.15 inches wide with 90/80-17 tires. Being a 3.5-inch wide rear peleknya 120/80-17. Swing arm is also used more gambot square at the ends and equipped with a fender underneath.Nah need length, please see for yourself sightings! Hopefully, this right will be launched simultaneously with the arrival of Lorenzo to the ground water coming October 30-31! (MotorPlus-online.com)

Injection system for the New Yamaha V-Ixion proved to be more sophisticated. Yamaha has brought the technology close the loop marked with O2 sensor application in channel dump pit. With the addition of a single sensor, the new injection New V-Ixion is not only able to read the environment and machinery, but also can correct injection performance through O2 levels in the exhaust gas.

When the injection system to work, then the temperature and pressure of air intake, throttle movement also gas engine temperature will be monitored. The data then becomes the reference Electronic Control Module (ECM) to determine the amount of fuel sprays. But it is not impossible, the result is still too rich or poor. To find out, use transmit O2 sensor from the exhaust gas to the ECM to correct the fuel gas mixture. In effect, the combustion is always perfect, so exhaust emissions cleaner.

2013 New Yamaha Vixion

On Yamaha V-Ixion, position O2 sensor placed on the tip of the exhaust in the cylinder head. His position is similar to the Mio Soul J and GT. So much easier when trying to plug the exhaust racing, baseball needs to prepare a special holder for the O2 sensor.

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2013 New Yamaha Vixion2013 New Yamaha Vixion